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Trauma Teams Coordinator

Five ways to describe her:  Enneagram 5.  Authentic.  Lover of the outdoors.  Calm and down to earth.  A person that likes "structured winging it"--she wants to know where things start and where they'll end and then can adapt in the in between.  Responsible.  Learner.

What she does for CEI:  At a very immediate level, she brings the age average down for CEI staff. At a more practical level, Kierstie is developing and implementing the trauma and crisis teams within CEI that have historically been known as the FiRST teams.

Family:  Kierstie is married to Justin who predominately works in real estate investments.  Justin is also part of a family business with his dad where they do agriculture management and research.  Scout Assassin is currently their only dependent--he's a particoat golden doodle that is fluffy and wins everyone over.

What she's passionate about:  Jesus Helping people heal from trauma. Mountains. Learning.

Previous in life:  For 10+ years Kierstie worked in the mental health field focusing on helping individuals heal from all types of trauma.  She has worked in direct care as well as in community health management.  When not working, she was conquering all the Colorado 14ers, climbing internationally, and going on as many trips with CEI as she could.

Her favorite things:  Mountains.  Backpacking.  Hiking.  Mountaineering.  Climbing up things (usually mountains).  Camping.  Scout Assassin.  Traveling.  Reading ALL of the books...ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 

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